Watchreport Special on How Durable Replcia Watches Actually Are
Watchreport Special on How Durable Replcia Watches Actually Are

One reason why original luxury timepieces have gained the notoriety they enjoy today is their extreme durability. Designer watchers are well known for their capability of lasting for a life time, even more. But what about Cheap replica watches? This Watchreport Special post aims to deal with this topic, since it’s quite an important aspect to take into consideration when purchasing a replica watch.

Now the readers of Watchreport know I’m pretty blunt – so here goes: you can’t expect the replica to last forever. The real truth is that no matter how good the quality is or how high the price tag is; an imitation watch cannot last as long as the original one. That applies to products purchased from legit replica sites.

So the question I want to try to answer here is how durable can we expect a replica watch to be? How many years can you expect it to work?

There are fake watch companies that void saying for how many years their replicas are expected to last. They will say something among the lines “approximately as durable as the original ones.” Well don’t fall in this trap. Let me tell you that a replica watch will most likely last from a couple of month to 3-5 years depending on how much you actually paid for it.

The really poor ones that do not have any quality control whatsoever might arrive broken or will break in a couple of months. The decent quality fakes with a Japanese mechanism should last for about 2-3 years or even longer (if you’re lucky). On the other hand, the Swiss made replica watches have a longer life span of 3 to 6 years.

Another thing I want to include in this Watchreport special, is the fact that once you get the watch you will be required to care for it. An automatic watch needs to be serviced once every one or two years even if it came from one of the legit replica sites. There’s no way going around it.

Again, I have to re-state this – don’t forget about warranty. Usually, Japanese replicas come with a 6-month warranty, while Swiss replicas come with a 12-month warranty. So don’t shop with an online merchant that doesn’t offer this option. Just keep looking, the best replica websites are not selling timepieces without warranties.

The bottom line is that a replica is meant to look good, as close as possible to the real thing and tell decent time. Replicas are not meant to lifetime, but only a few years.
That’s normal considering that you are spending only a few hundred dollars on them and the real deals can be up to 1000 times more expensive. You really have to be realistic here, it will help you from getting your hopes up.

In conclusion of this Watchreport special I have to warn you again – don’t go purchasing a replica expecting it will last forever and ever. Rather focusing on getting a high-quality knockoff, fully knowing the product’s life span is pretty limited.

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