Rolex is the Swiss Replica Watch Company founded in 1905 by the visionary Hans Wilsdorf. He wanted more than anything in the world to be able to create a wrist watch that can be not only elegant, but also reliable. At that time the wrist watches were not very precise. He tried for a long period of time to find a good name for his dream wrist watch and finally after combining all the letters of the alphabet one morning he was inspired while he was riding, he just heard the name of his perfect replica watch: Rolex.

Hans Wilsdorf’s main concern was the quality of the watches he produced so he focused on the attributes of the movements and he managed in 1910 to receive the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision, granted by the Official Watch Rating Centre in Bienne.

Even if Rolex is a very conservatory Company, one that wants to keep the values of old times, they produced during the time quite an impressive number of wrist watch models. In my next article I am going to talk about the most popular and bestselling Rolex watches.

The Rolex Daytona is the most popular watch this Company ever produced. It was first designed in 1963 for the professional car racers but soon it became one wrist watch that everyone dreamed of. It is equipped with a very accurate movement, with chronograph and tachymeter scale and it can be used by professional race car drivers especially because it can precisely measure their speed of up to 400 kilometer per hour. It is a beautiful watch that is built with high quality materials, that looks amazing and its functionality is situated at a very high level. This watch is suited for men that know how to choose quality, style, men who know how to wear a distinguished timepiece with an astounding history.

The GMT Master II was created to fulfill the international pilot’s needs for accuracy.  It is an amazing watch with a very nice design and impressive mechanism performances. The rotating bezel and the distinct 24-hour hand are the most important characteristics of this watch model. This aviator’s watch will surely satisfy even the most exquisite tastes for luxurious watches.

The third position in this top five Rolex watches is occupied by the iconic Rolex Yachtmaster II. This watch is incredible, it is one of the most beautiful watches I have ever seen, it has cutting edge features, the bezel is able to rotate both ways, it has  trip lock winding crown, it is waterproof and shock resistant. The chronograph was perfect for the start of the yacht races. The watch has advanced features complemented by elegant style and superb construction.

The watch that was introduced in 1953 to serve the divers’ needs is my favorite Rolex. The Submariner is the most elegant and classy Rolex watch that exists. It was first designed to be water resistant to 100m and later it was able to dive into water depths of up to 300 meters or 1000 feet. It is obvious that not only the scuba divers wear this gorgeous watches, it can be a great accessory for everyday usage or to any formal and classy event.

The Rolex Datejust was created in 1945. It has a classy aspect and a very accurate movement; it was actually the first wristwatch that came with a self-winding chronometer and a date display window on the dial. It was redesigned and updated in 2009 and it was introduced on the marked with a new aspect and modern innovations so it can keep up with the new times. I believe this is the most admirable and recognized watch that ever existed, a true legend and a real lesson of good watch taste.

Overall Rolex has some amazing watches, iconic models that serve anyone that has refined watch taste and an impressive budget. They are expensive but they are the real thing. These watches are never passed unobserved and they definitely complete an elegant outfit with exactly what it needed.

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