Remember when we thought Wayde van Niekerk’s R10 million swiss replica watch was out of this world (for its price, not its colour)?

Well, that’s nothing – and neither is the 1942 Rolex Chronograph, the most expensive Rolex watch around.

Rather, there are two brands that take the cake for consistently producing the world’s most expensive watches, namely Chopard and Patek Philippe.

Chopard, based in Geneva, is a Swiss watchmaker which was sold to Karl Scheufele, a watchmaker from Pforzheim, Germany, whose family has owned it ever since.

Patek Philippe, also based in Geneva, has gone through many owners and have a museum of the same name which includes watches from as early as the 16th century, 300 years before Patek Philippe began watchmaking.

expensive replica watches
expensive replica watches

And these companies’ watches are pretty outrageous.

Let’s get on it:

5 – Although it looks like it comes straight out of a 90s rap music video, the Chopard Super Ice Cube Watch weighs in at t 60 karats and goes for $1.1 million a pop.

4 – Produced in 2005 to celebrate Vacheron Constatin’s 250th anniversary, the Tour de I’lle features 18 carat gold and blue sapphires  – and goes for about $1.15 million.

3 – The Patek Philippe Platinum World Time has the time zones of 42 major cities around the world (including Cape Town) incorporated on its face. Only one has ever been made and sold for $4 million in 2002 – so it has surely increased in value now.

Patek Philippe Henry Graves Replica
Patek Philippe Henry Graves Replica

2 – More of a pocket watch, the Patek Philippe Replica Henry Graves Supercomplication is just that, supercomplicated. Designed in 1933, it’s one of the most complicated timepieces every created, and comes with 920 parts, 24 functions and encased in 18 carat gold. Second place for $24 million.

1 – The most expensive watch might not be the most attractive thing to most, but it comes complete with 874 diamonds and the Chopard 201 carat costs around $25 million.

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