I like so much the new Rolex watches that I cannot get tired or bored to write about them. I love how the new and sophisticated details are combined with the classic and well-known aspect of the Rolex watches. I admire Rolex for reinventing their watches every couple of years, for keeping their basic line and still creating different and very beautiful new watches. This Rolex Daytona Black Ceramic Bezel Replica Watch is the perfect example for what I was saying above; the black ceramic bezel added to the vintage look of the classic Rolex Daytona created a new and amazingly beautiful watch model.



The black ceramic bezel along with the black dial makes this Rolex Daytona watch look different and very special. I have read a lot of contradictory opinions regarding this watch model, some people love it, other consider this black and black combination inappropriate for a Rolex watch. This is definitely the king of think you either love or hate. I am a pro Black Ceramic Bezel Rolex Daytona person. I was not able to find a 1:1 copy of the genuine watch but the one that I am reviewing today is pretty close to the original watch. The black dial and the black ceramic imitation bezel look like the originals, the hands and the hour markings are good, the sub dials for this watch are just for show, but if you go for a much expensive version of this replica, one with a Swiss movement, the sub dials will have the same functions as the original watch. The security elements are present on the dial: the laser etched crown at 6 o’clock and the “Rolex” word written all over the inner bezel. The case, crown and screw-in pushers are just like the originals too. The watch runs with an automatic Japanese movement that makes the second hand sweep smoothly. The full stainless steel band looks and feels very strong, solid and heavy, just like it should be.

This is the kind of watch we are expecting to see when Rolex is bringing something new on the market. It is the kind of watch that every collector needs to have. This Rolex Daytona replica watch is a very good imitation, it has all the required details, the same aspect and it even feels on my wrist as good as a genuine one.

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