how to buy a replica watch online securely

We all want to own beautiful things. From fashion clothing and shoes to designer accessories like bags, jewelry and watches. Everything we see on TV and in magazines feed this incredible appetite for expensive items. Unfortunately not all of us afford to spend thousand of dollars on watches or bags. I guess this is why the replica industry has become so strong. The bigger the temptation is the more willing we are to compromise in terms of quality. Because this is what buying a replica watch really is, a compromise. You accent something inferior that gives you the same image and feeling as the authentic product at an affordable price.

When buying a replica watch online becomes the only choice to have for owning a designer timepiece that you were dreaming of for years you need to understand a couple of things. Things are not always as you see them over the Internet. Not all fake stores are trustworthy. And it is only up to you to make sure that you securely purchase fake watches online. How can you do this? Keep reading to find out.

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  1. How to choose the online store

It is important to browse as many online stores as possible before you place your order. Enter on their page and turn everything upside down until you determine how reputable the company is. Things like the design of the website, the product pictures, the policies, the accepted payment details, customer services and customer comments are critical for finding out how trustworthy it is. Compare the best online stores you find and make sure you pick the best one available.

2. Check the looks of the website

You can find out a lot about a replica watches company just by studying the design of its website. It can really tell you a lot about how professional it is. Companies that are preoccupied about good services and a high level of quality are usually friendly looking, intuitive and easy to browse. When a website looks poorly, has numerous errors and doesn’t include all the information you need about its products and policies then you should raise yourself a serious question mark about its reputability. Here is what you should pay attention to:

  • does it have an easy to access and use Menu that includes the main product categories?
  • are the product categories organized into sub-collections?
  • does the page include an Advanced Search option that helps you filter the items by criteria such as price, movement, size, dial color, materials, bracelet type?
  • does it have a live chat option?
  • is the company active on social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest?
  • does it have a blog where it posts actively about its products, companies and related topics?
  • what promotions and discounts does it offer for its replica watches?
  • does it have a Newsletter so you can receive all its important updates?
  • does it have pages for all the important policies like Shipping, Payment method and Return policy?

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3. Do their agents speak good English?

Obviously, a lot of these replica stores are based in China and they lack customer service representatives that speak decent English. The problem is that you want to order from a company that has agents whom you can actually understand when you need to speak to them. If you can’t communicate with the store to resolve you problems and clarify your questions then you will be facing yourself with a lot of hassle and sorrow.

4. How large is its replica watches collection?

Online shops that sell a large number of fake timepieces inspire more trust than the ones that carry just a few items from a couple of brands. The larger the collection is the more alluring the store gets. But there is a trick here. The selection of replica watches needs to be nicely organized, easy to browse, every product to have a nice detailed description and to include only professional pictures taken in its own studio.

5. What about the shipping and return policies?

Always pay attention to these two policies. They can really tell you a lot about how reputable the online company is. A trustworthy merchant will always have a clear and transparent attitude towards the shipping and return conditions. Everything will be stated on the website with rich details describing the pros and cons of its policies. Check what is the estimated delivery time, the costs, what carriers it uses and if there is a tracking number. Regarding the return policy, how many days you have to return the product? Do they accept a refund or an exchange request? What conditions they have for this? Who pays the return shipping fees? Are there any restocking fees? Also, does the store offer a free repairs warranty? All these questions are critical for ensuring your satisfaction.

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6. What are the accepted payment methods

The wider the payment range is the more stable and trustworthy the company is. A cheap replica watches merchant that is professional and reliable will always invest its best efforts into ensuring a broader array of accepted payment options. Most replica stores take only Visa and Mastercard. A few of them go even further and offer alternatives like Western Union, Bank Wire and Money Gram. And then there are exceptions like the really decent websites that besides the aforementioned methods also take Paypal, WebMoney, echeques and other modern options.

7. Are the pictures taken in its own studios?

These days, product pictures are a really huge problem when you order replica watches online. There are numerous websites that include images that were copied from the original catalogs, pictures that can’t be used as reference for the quality of the products. God knows how these fake watches look in real life? A replica watches website should include good quality professional photos taken in the company’s own studio. This way the potential customer can determine how accurate looking the fake products really are and if the correspond with the level of quality he is looking to buy. Beware of sites that list for their watches pictures with different types of clarity, taken on different backgrounds and of different sizes. This mean that the company copied them from difference sources and that they do not reflect the actual products it sells.

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8. Customer care

Do not ignore this very important aspect. You can really tell a lot about a company by taking a good look at the quality of its customer services. There are countless things that could go wrong with your online order and if you can’t contact the company to fix it then you are stuck. To make sure you can contact them easily check if the merchant offers a live chat, a valid phone number and a professional customer service email address. Also, do not forget to test how friendly and reliable the agents are. To do this you can start a live chat conversation or call them. See how they reply to your questions.

9. Customer comments

There are countless online sources where you can read unbiased customer comments for Internet replica watches stores. Forums, blogs, groups and social networks are the most popular places for people to share their opinions, to discuss their experiences with ordering fakes online and to offer advice to others who need help in this matter. This is why it is extremely important to post your comments on the web when you buy stuff on the Internet. It can help someone stay away from a scam or get a satisfactory purchase.

The above tips can make a huge difference between an awful shopping experience and a great one. Just follow the steps included in the article and you will surely be a click closer to the perfect replica watch.

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